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LE PALME: charming villa close to Erice and to the seaside
Erice - about 32,000 inhabitants - occupies a memorably beautiful site. Developed as a Phoenician and Hellenistic town, it sits at a height of 751m, perched on the mountain of the same name, covering a triangular plateau with a glorious view over the sea. Enclosed within defensible bastions and walls, the town is a veritable labyrinth of little cobbled streets and passages wide enough to accommodate one person at a time. The houses, packed one upon another, each have their own charming, carefully-tended, inner courtyard that can be guarded from the gaze of neighbours or passing gentry, and so allows family life to take its daily course in absolute privacy. In Antiquity, Erice was famous for its temple where in succession, the Phoenicians worshipped Astarte, the Greeks venerated Aphrodite and the Romans celebrated Venus. Mount Eryx served as a point of reference for sailors, who, in time, adopted Venus as their protector. At night, a large fire would be lit within the sacred precinct and used as a guiding beacon. Venus Erycina became so famous that a temple was dedicated to her in Rome, meanwhile, her cult spread throughout the Mediterranean. Erice, like Janus, is two faced: there is the bright, sunny face that smiles during the long hot summer days, when light floods its tiny streets and distant views extend over the valley and far out to sea; there is also the mask of winter when, shrouded in mist, the town seems to hark back to its mythical origins, leaving the visitor with a feeling of unease and the impression of a place removed from time and reality. Enveloped by its medieval atmosphere, cool mountain air, beautiful pine woods, pervading silence, combined with its rich local craft traditions, make Erice a highly popular destination for tourists.

Trapani City between the sea and the mountain, whose beauty characterize the province. The splendour of which we can enjoy today are the influences left from many colonies in the history of Trapani, there were colonies Phoenician, Roman colonies, Arabian colonies and others. The harbour was built during the Phoenician domination, and today is one of the tourist attraction. During the time has undergone several changes, nowadays, the work is still in progress. Visiting Trapani is like diving in different historical eras, walking through the historic center and admiring the monuments, churches and palaces that reveal the life of the city. The extreme tip of the city is characterized by Torre Ligny, today it is the Museum of Prehistory. To reach the tower you just walk the way between the waters of the sea, frequented during the summer by bathers. Not far away is the porto peschereccio where fishermen with their boats every day renew a tradition, a job that has been handed down from father to son for centuries, the night away with their screens in the morning and return with boats full of fish of any kind. Also here you can admire Villa Nasi, ex hospital Lazzaretto wich become nowadays the headquater of the Italian Navy League. Farness from the sea you find the Colombaia , a symbol of Trapani. Moving southward along the Via Del Sale you can admire the Saline Windmills, some are still functioning. In most seasons you can assist to the extraction of salt, this work is handed down from generation to generation. In Nubia surrounded by salt and a reserve is placed Museum Of Salt. Moving towards the city, one important stage to visit is the Shrine dell'Annunziata warded by by the Carmelite fathers who venerates the Simulacro Prodigioso Mary SS Padrona of Trapani, which is famous for its artistic beauty and the countless miracles. Around the end of the thirteenth century, the Knights Templars from Tolemaide brought it to Trapani, The saint became the patron of the town in its defence. Cardinals, bishops, kings came to to this Shrine offering gifts. Alongside the Church, you will find the Museum Pepoli, in this museum you can find beautiful workings in coral.

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